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3 reasons your marketing needs a better design focus

"Your design is not conversion-focused, traffic wouldn’t help you. I can help guide you to a better conversion-focused design though – then I can help build your traffic."

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How to decide between a responsive website or a native mobile app

It’s a tough call to make when deciding between responsive design or an app, but in the end, it depends on the goals of your business.

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Top Web Design Trends In 2014

The consensus among website design pros, regarding industry trends for 2014, is fairly cut and dry and most agree the significant styles for the year will likely fall under the headings of responsive design, simple design and storytelling design.

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10 Predictions About the Future of Ecommerce

Personalized shopping is changing the way we find, buy and recommend products to our friends already. But from a business point of view, what's going to capture shoppers' attention next?

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Page Speed Matters! Why You Need to Improve Yours Today

Page Speed is a critical component in the digital user experience, and it is hugely important in our content-driven world. There’s a reason why Google Analytics now includes statistics like Page Load Time, Lookup, and Page Size.

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Homepage Sliders: Bad For SEO, Bad For Usability

One of the most prevalent design flaws in B2B websites is the use of carousels (or sliders) on the homepage. Carousels are an ineffective way to target user personas, which ends up hurting the site’s SEO and usability.

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