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Tips for Online Engagement with Different Generations

Foolish is the word most appropriately applied to brands that try to digitally interact with Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers in the same manner. As communications professionals and marketers, it’s critical not only knowing the key audiences to reach, but how they want to be interacted with, and adapt the approach accordingly.

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Community Management: It’s a discipline, not a title

Community management is more than a hat worn temporarily by a social media or PR person. It’s not a position that’s shed when a person moves to the next level in his/her career. Community management isn’t just a title – it’s a discipline.

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Keeping It Simple (But Not Stupid)

Products can be complex or otherwise impenetrable. But your job as a marketer and communicator is, in part, to deconstruct the complex to make it easily understood. To lose the corporate Frankenspeak that often passes for the language of business, to instead convey your business’s value in human, accessible terms. And to tell any story – whether a news story or your own business’s story – with your audience in mind.

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Why Brands Should Be Human on Social Media

The success of any social program is ultimately determined by its ability to connect on a one-to-one, human level. But how can your brand be more human?

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