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Development of a musical social network
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Project info

Sonic B.A.N.G. is a website providing its customers with lots of information and services in the field of the Authors' rights, music distribution and qualification among the artists. The main purpose of this project is ensuring the option for presenting artists, publishing works and building a network society of professionals and audience who can collaborate effectively.

Five years after the initial start of Sonic B.A.N.G., Primal Consultancy has created a complete new version of the website not only including new layout, but also many new functionalities for its customers, turning into a social network for original music.

The work on the project consists of the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Creating information architecture and technical specification.
  • Stage 2: Design and complete programming.
  • Stage 3: Optimization and analysis on the content and programming code. Managing link building campaigns and search enines indexation.
  • Stage 4: Content management, administration and moderation on daily basis. Technical support and hosting administration.